Behind the Maker of CoolSass

First of all, my name is Kelsey. Hi, thank you all for reading! Two questions often consume my daily thoughts: 1) When can I eat next? 2) Could I make that DIY-style? The second question often applies to miscellaneous items including, but not limited to: dresses, tables, bookshelves and bean bag chairs. A food-crazed girl with a knack for all things crafty seemed like a natural fit for a blog, and alas here I am.

When I am not lounging around in an oversize t-shirt and boyish looking shorts, I would like to consider myself generally trendy. Traveling is one of my passions, but unlike other expensive pursuits such as equestrian and gymnastics, this one is harder to justify to the parents.

As a college sophomore at Elon University, I’d say I run low on funds 80% of the year, peaks being right after Christmas and the Back-to-School Season when I can con my mom into buying me some printer ink. I wanted to start this blog not only as a creative outlet, but also as a potential money-making venture (still in the “investment stage,” unclear at the moment whether that status will someday change).

The name was easy: some of my more misguided friends describe me as “cool” and family members who know better than that describe me as “sassy.” My personal blogging philosophy is that every post should fall into one of those respective categories. I actually do not have a personal blogging philosophy, but Google suggested that I add one in here (are they ever wrong? Um, no.) so there you have it.

My hope for all of you dear readers is that you use this site to laugh and find a little bit of inspiration.


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