The CoolSass Family Dictionary

I have two older sisters, Megan and Erin, who will be regular contributors to the site. We’re all two years apart and, between the three of us, we have essentially created an entirely new language. To avoid and confusion in future posts, please refer to the following translations:

Abbrev- this is an abbreviation of the actual word abbreviation; see also doub doub abbrevie breev

Coff Coff– coffee, typically of the Starbucks variety

Doub Doub Abbrevie Breev- this is quite possibly, the most ludicrous term as it does not simplify speaking in any way, shape or form. Essentially, this means that you are not only abbreviating a word, but you are also doubling that abbreviation. For example, Coff Coff is a doub doub abrevie breev

Dylan– my epileptic dog, who my father named after the famous singer, Bob Dylan; stories get dicey when people accidentally mistake him for a significant other (i.e. I break out into hives when Dylan licks me)

Fam- Family

Penthouse– my place of residence at Elon University, loosely translated to mean the third floor of a three-story, school-issed apartment

Poca Nervi– supposed to stand for “poquito nervioso,” a poorly translated Spanish expression that means I’m a little bit nervous

Q- question, the ultimate abbrev as it only uses one letter

Rentals– parents (derived from the term parental unit); mom and dad to the common user; in my family however the following can be used interchangeably: mums & pums, ma’am & pam incorporated or chatzi & chutzee (they hate all three)

Sunnies- sunglasses, way more fun to say

Tom Toms– tomorrow, saves one whole syllable and therefore is worth saying out loud

Huh, thought this list was going to be a little bit longer as I previously categorized it as an entire language… clearly the three of us have some more work to do.


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