The Reason Everyone Wants to be Italian…

It’s not just the tans and romantic accents that make people envy the Italian culture, it’s the food. Take a look at some of these amazing plates.

This “cheese pasta” was our appetizer…American macaroni and cheese doesn’t even compare, that’s for sure.


This delicious chocolate cake was beautifully presented with some powdered sugar and fresh fruit.

Tiramisu was delicious in everywhere we went. Italians know what they’re doing when it comes to dessert.

During a cooking lesson, I learned how to make homemade Tagliatelle pasta. There are two kinds of flour used with the raw egg.

Once the egg and flour were mixed together at the right consistency, the pasta was rolled out multiple times and placed through a pasta-cutter to shape the noodles.

The finished product. These noodles can be frozen for up to three months for some homemade pasta anytime you want it.

The homemade Tagliatelle in a creamy mushroom sauce, garnished with some more fresh parsley.

A chicken dish from the cooking lesson. The only seasonings were salt, pepper and a whole lot of chopped parsley, but it was probably the best chicken dish I have ever tasted.

This appetizer was incredibly simple and delicious: prosciutto with an easy ricotta cheese filling, all laid out over a bed of greens.

There is no way I could replicate this Panna Cotta dessert ever again without the help of some Italian professionals. This light dessert with raspberry compote was a perfect end to the meal.


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