China Series: Seeing the Sights

See some of the same sights of China that I saw at some point last summer. Now say that five times fast.

There are so many beautiful entryways in China just like this one that you almost start to take them for granted…almost.

One thing that really stood out in Lanzhou was all of the landscaping. Even an ordinary highway median was made to look spectacular to those passing through.

This dragon head decoration was created for a summer festival in Lanzhou. If you look at the picture above you can see its body runs the length of the river.

Again, the landscaping found throughout the city was absolutely incredible.

Noodles are an important part of the culture in Lanzhou, as depicted in this statue found in the waterwheel park.

The juxtaposition of the traditional architecture and the modern development is a fascinating aspect of traveling to China.

The vibrant colors and craftsmanship in Chinese architecture made simple structures far more interesting.

A local man sells shoes on the street in Lanzhou.

I really am not a fan of cats- they make my eyes swell up and I generally get the feeling that they know more than I do. This one, however, was too cute not to take a picture.

This moat surrounding Tiananmen made for some beautiful pictures.

Some of the local children on a school trip. Yes, I realize that sounds creepy.

A male tourist plays with the children. Again, that sounds creepy but I really mean it in the least offensive way possible.

The emblem of the Red Guard in Tiananmen Square.

The Terracotta Warriors of Xian, China…or as I like to call them, the Terra Cotts. Way cooler. I know.

Lots of biking mayhem and pandemonium in the streets of Xian.

The overlook from Victoria’s Peak in Hong Kong. So serene.

A view of Hong Kong at dusk.

Free Tai Chi lessons are given by William every morning in Hong Kong. Quite possibly the cutest old man I have ever seen…

Hong Kong was a beautiful mixture of nature and industry, land and water, boats and buildings, along with many other contrasting nouns.

An artsy shot of a boat in Hong Kong Harbor.

The harbor alongside of Stanley Market. If I’d had a bathing suit at the time, you would have most likely seen me swimming towards that boat out yonder.

Stalker shot? Maybe, but there were no people and it seemed so scenic at the time! This beach was located at the southern tip of Hong Kong Island.

You can’t show China without a picture of the Great Wall! It was everything I dreamed it would be…and by that I mean a very long wall.

Everyone should go to China someday. That way when people debate “the inevitable takeover of America by the Chinese” you actually have something intelligent to say, such as, Food is incredibly important in the Chinese culture or Did you know that ‘Ma’ could mean horse or mother depending on the tone? You’ll be the star of every dinner party for years to come.


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    • That’s what a lot of people have said! I was actually teaching a Journalism camp with 13 high schools in Gansu Province. It was hosted by the NGO, Irex. Definitely a rewarding experience!

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