Fabric Picture Frame

Sure, you’re a crafty one. Tie Dye t-shirts, fabric pin boards, DIY headscarves- you’ve done it all. But what do you do with all of those inevitable fabric straps left over from your various interest-inspired pursuits? Cool Sass has you covered with this five minute fix!

1. Find an inexpensive photo frame (aka go to the Dollar Store) or an old one you’ve had lying around your house. Remove the backing and the glass and set aside.

2. Cut whatever fabric scraps you have lying around into long, thin strips. There is no pre-determined size, however the longer the strip, the more real estate you’ll be able to cover on your frame.

3. Begin by tying your strip around the photo frame, then wrap the remaining fabric around the base. When you run out, grab another strip, tie again, then continue wrapping.

3. Once your frame is completely covered, add in a picture, replace the glass/backing and that’s it.

Easy right?


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