Nice is Nice

The town of Nice (pronounced nees) is located in the Southern region known as Provence, right along the Mediterranean Sea. Check out the stunning scenery and great food here.

Fresh fish, bottled olive oil, various spices and more- the marketplace in Nice was unbelievable.

A nature walk provided a wonderful view of the entire city, beach and all!

The colorful buildings really added great character to the overall town.

A lovely view from atop a local art gallery.

A cool flower.

These awesome lights illuminated small alleyways at night.

The beach in Nice was slightly rocky. Nevertheless, it was beautiful with crystal clear (and freezing cold) water!

My future yacht…

Fenocchios Ice Cream shops were all over Nice. The have over 100 ice cream flavors including cactus, lavender and many other odd ones!

Chocolate crepes may be stereotypical France, but that doesn’t make them any less delicious!

Some French Appetizers served with white wine. Some local sardines, a tomato salsa and other assorted fancy foods.

The city scape of Nice.

Many of the photos seen here were photographed by Megan Price. Check out her Cool Sass bio here.

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