The Beauty of Marbella

When translated, Marbella means beautiful ocean in Spanish. For all of you future travelers looking to visit, the name definitely does not disappoint. 

The Marbella sunset was gorgeous. Due to the high altitude, the clouds were so low that at times it felt foggy outside.

This way to Old Town!

The Old Town of Marbella- white walls, traditional brick and lovely gardens.

Little squares such as this one could be found all over Old Town, with various restaurants and shops lining the sides.

These potted flowers lined the white walls all over the city.

Local artisans made these decorative hangings in preparation for one of the summer festivals of Marbella.

Alright, last picture of Old Town- it was just so cute!

A traditional Spanish dish, paella. Big enough to serve six people, we finished the plate with only two…

A statue in the main square of Marbella. In the background, you can see the incredible beach.

Enjoying wine and appetizers at sunset during the last night in Marbella.

Some of the photos shown in this post were taken by Megan Price. Check out her Cool Sass bio here

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    • Well according to my latest Google search, the altitude in Marbella is about 250 ft. Just for comparison, the Outer Banks is between 3-20 ft. so Marbella is definitely up there! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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