Handmade in Hoi An

Our group has continuously heard about the tailors in Hoi An- they’ll take your measurements, let you select the fabric and custom-make just about anthing for less than you would pay retail in the states. I walked into Silk Road Tailors on a whim and met Mung. She is a pint-sized Vietnamese woman (we’re talking smaller than Edna Mode in The Incredibles) with a sense of humor. She handed me a bottle of water while I was picking out clothes and after I took a sip she said, “one-hundred dollars” with a completely straight face. Then she cracked up at my startled face.

She made me a business dress, a blazer, two business skirts and three casual dresses all for under $200 US dollars. You probably could come close to that shopping in the states, but not for pieces designed to fit you perfectly. Thank you to Mung and all of her staff for an unforgettable shopping experience.



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