Wahines in Waikiki

My sister, Megan, and I recently took a weeklong trip to Oahu, Hawaii. We hiked, surfed and ate our way through the Waikiki area. Here are some of the highlights from a great trip and some places to visit if you’re planning a trip for yourself!

What’s a wahine, you ask? It’s a term used to describe a female surfer. Megan and I rented boards from a stand on the beach and had a great time with our singing surf instructor, Kevin, who is basically a local celebrity. He serenaded us with all sorts of songs while helping us catch some waves and kept us entertained the entire time we were out there on the water.

If you’re thinking about planning a trip to Hawaii but are concerned about the often exorbitant cost, check out the Polynesian Beach Club hostel. We payed $120 total for five nights, two blocks away from the beach. Many refer to this section of the island as a “tourist trap,” and it’s true, it is is a popular spot and the prices reflect that. But it’s popular for a reason and we found many lesser known, cheaper restaurants and activities nearby that made Waikiki well worth the visit.


An early morning shot of the beautiful Waikiki beach. Don’t let the lack of people fool you- this is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island.


This is a fairly short hike, only about a twenty minute walk from Waikiki beach.


The weather was beautiful, about 85 degrees and sunny.


Megan, or wahine #1.





A view of Waikiki from the Diamond Head lookout.


Our first Loco Moco- a rice patty, burger and fried egg, all smothered in gravy.


A little Blue Crush action on Waikiki.


A one-hour surfing lesson and one private hour to go on your own will probably cost around $60, including the board rental. They also had kayaks and paddle boards available for rent on the beach.

This was an amazing trip. Looking back through all of these pictures, and at my  fading tan lines, I can’t wait to go back to Hawaii for more.


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